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Three reasons to choose Shengyuan Technology

Choosing Shengyuan is choosing high quality & excellent prices products.

No. 1 By years of production strength precipitation, Shengyuan has accumulated rich manufacturing experience

Shengyuan has advanced large-scale production equipment of various types and varieties to ensure worry-free delivery

One-stop procurement, independent production, excellent price for the same quality, Shengyuan can provide time-saving, labor-saving and money-saving super services.

No. 2Seiko products, excellent quality! Wide variety of products with wide arrange of applications

The company focuses on the production and sales of green and environmentally friendly new materials in the downstream products of maleic anhydride. The products are widely used in unsaturated resins, non-toxic pesticides, degradable plastics, non-toxic plasticizers and many other fields.

No. 3Only for better products and more thoughtful service

Shengyuan strictly in accordance with national standards for production and sales, to ensure qualified products!

Perfect qualifications, perfect after-sales, let you worry-free!

National toll-free hotline: 400-080-1008, 7×24 hours to serve you, sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

Product center Widely used in industry, agriculture, medical treatment, food and so on
  • Ability toStrong development capacity strong production capacity
  • ExperienceTechnical personnel have more than ten years of industry experience
  • SecurityEnvironmental standards, safe and reliable
  • ServiceResponsible, honest, respected
The company focuses on product development and technological innovation
Honorary Qualifications

Honorary Qualifications

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